Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of year for lawn treatments?

There is no definitive time of year to start and productive lawn care can take place in all seasons. Some treatments need to be done at specific times of year, and these can be built into a regular lawn care programme or undertaken as a one-off commission. A lot of our work – e.g. what treatments we use – is influenced by the weather, and we will explain the most appropriate actions when we visit to look at what you have in mind. Regardless of the time of year, there is always constructive work to be done to improve your lawn.

When will we start to see results?

You’ll see a change for the better in about ten days, depending on the weather and time of year.

How much does lawn treatment cost?

Lawn treatments and their costs vary on the area of your lawn or lawns, and on the treatments you decide on. We’ll measure the size of your lawn and advise on costs accordingly.

Could I not do it more cheaply myself?

You will find that our service is cheaper  – and better value – than DIY. The products we use are not available to the  general public and must be applied by qualified specialists. Lawn feeds available at garden centres are effective for 3 to 4 weeks; those we use will continue working for 10 to 12 weeks and will not scorch the grass And because we do this every day, we are adept at applying treatments safely and efficiently.

What if I already have a gardener?

Lawns Matter are a lawn treatment specialist company, and will therefore complement your existing services. We’re not trying to put anyone out of work and will work alongside your existing gardener to get the best results for you and your lawn.

Will the lawn be safe for children and pets?

Yes. However, if fertilizers and/or weedkillers have been used, it is best to keep children and pets off the grass until it has dried which can take a couple of hours.

Do I need to be in when you are working on my lawn?

No. Many of our customers are out during the working day or are busy working from home. You don’t need to be in attendance, but please remember to leave your gate unlocked so we can get on with the job.

Do we have to pre-pay? How should I pay?

There’s no need to pay in advance but we do expect payment within 7 days when the work is done. We’ll invoice when the job is complete or at agreed times during a longer running project. We accept cash on the day, cheques or bank transfers. There are no contracts to sign; you pay as you go.

Do you have a loyalty discount scheme?

Yes. If you recommend us to someone else and they use our service, we will give you  a £10.00 discount on your next invoice.

What the first step to improving our lawn?

Contact us to arrange a date and time to suit you so we can visit your property and learn what you would like done. We can give you a detailed, no obligation, quotation and report on the state of your lawn or lawns and the recommended work. Then it is up to you.