Our Lawn Care Services

We provide tailored lawn care programmes for all types of lawns, whether large or small, with the same high standard of care for each one.
We use only the best sustainable and organic feeds and treatments.
We will support you with expert advice on how to maintain your lawn the way you want it.
We will explain what is needed in order to treat your lawn and what is needed to achieve your goals and most importantly, help you find the most effective way to keep your lawn healthy and looking great.

Lawn Treatment

To encourage healthy growth, lawns require feeding. For best results this should be done in moderation.

Weed & Moss Control

To be at their best lawns require the removal of weeds and moss.


Scarifying gets rid of thatch, moss and grass clippings, to better support healthy growth of new grass in your lawns.


Aeration improves drainage, soil and root structure and the promotion of healthy soil bacteria.

Lawn Renovation

Renovation covers a spectrum of activities, from regular care to spot treatments and complete re-seeding.

Wild Flowers

To complement the main body of your lawn, why not add a wild flower zone for a touch of extra beauty and bio-diversity?