Lawn Treatment

Nutrition – feeding your lawn

Lawns matter and, like any growing thing, they need looking after. And like any other plant, grass takes its nutrients from the soil. After many years in situ – or with poor subsoil – this may mean that the soil under your lawn is nutrient deficient and needs help. Without the right food, grass turns pale and thin and is more vulnerable to weeds and moss.

We believe in careful use of organic and sustainable lawn feeds and these may contain lower levels of nitrogen than some off the shelf lawn foods from garden centres. Too much nitrogen in the fertiliser will quickly increase greenness but it will also create excessive growth (and more mowing) and the build-up of ‘thatch’ – the accumulation around the base of the of grass plants, made up of living and dead plant matter – and may leave the lawn worse off after a few seasons.

Strategically applied lawn feeds – adjusted for your soil type and local climate – with just the right amounts of nitrogen, other natural nutrients and organisms, are better. They will encourage healthy growth for the long term, bringing much more sustained enjoyment.