This month, its important to continue mowing, edging and watering any new grass.

Its best not to mow if it’s too hot outside. What until the evening when it’s cooler which will help keep some of the moisture in the roots and give it some recovery time. Its important to raise the mower height a notch so that it keeps some of the energy in the leaf and helps slow down soil moisture loss.

If the lawn really dries out then it’s okay to reduce the mowing to 10-14 days instead of every week.

June can cause lawn diseases because of the moisture and humidity. We start to see ‘red thread’ occur and it can be resolved by us so get in contact.

It’s best to remove any furniture, toys ect from the lawn so that they don’t restrict any light and will help it healthier.

Its a little late for seeding now. The best time is spring. It can still be done but it will need a lot more work. It will need regular watering.

Its also a too late for any raking or scarifying and i would suggest leaving it until autumn. You could end up killing the grass.

During June we use a summer, organic fertiliser that is ideal for the warm conditions. Its scorch free so it cannot burn the lawn. It will quite happily sit there on the ground and when we get moisture it will start to release its nutrients. It can be watered in afterwards to speed up the process if required.

If you feel the lawn needs watering then make sure its watered at the correct time. We suggest late evening so that evaporation is reduced, or early morning.