As spring continues into May and the temperatures rise, you will notice the lawn will start growing faster. May and June are the peak months for grass growth which is why it will need more care than ever.

May is a good time for maintenance including, scarifying, aerating, weed control, fertilising and seeding.

Some tips –

You will want to cut the lawn more frequently than you did in April. Once a week is ideal. Keep the height correct and don’t scalp the lawn otherwise you will weaken it and encourage weeds. The height is vital for a healthy lawn.

The lawn will need a well balanced fertiliser if it hasn’t already been applied in April. We use the finest organic fertilisers to help lawns this time of the year.

Scarify the lawn or get us to do it for you! May is a good time to scarify but be prepared to water it afterwards if we get very little rain. Seeding any bare patches afterwards is also recommended this time of the year and germination should be a lot quicker.

It’s also a good time to get rid of those pesky weeds you don’t want in the lawn. Again, its something we can help you with, so contact us.