Start mowing!

If you haven’t already, and believe me you already should, then get mowing! We now have moisture in the ground and the temperatures are rising during the day. April 2022 Looks to be another dry month like last year with just over half an inch of rain! Thats less than we had in June, July and August last year. Reduce the height down gradually and not in one big go. Make sure the blade has been sharpened. The first cut is the most important cut though out the whole year.

Get repairing!

April is an ideal time to start seeding bare areas. The seed needs to make contact with the soil. It wont germinate on compacted soil and it wont germinate on a layer of thatch. Seed need to be applied at 35g to 50g per meter square. Over applying is not a good idea and will produce weak grass. Its really important to keep the area damp afterwards. If you can protect it form the birds then great and make sure that nobody walks all over it. If your struggling then get in contact and we can help.